1. Restraint is tough.  I think this is mostly out of my system, though. Mostly.

    FUN FACT: While definitely not as amusing as I think I am, I’m mostly just confusing without a rudimentary vocabulary in American Sign Language, French, the Simpsons, and typefaces.  I may’ve crossed the line into alienating. There’s not a trombone in the world sad enough to punctuate that thought.

    I was thinking the other night that, of the many schools I am applying to work at, I’m not applying to the school where I gave that talk during which I formulated the title "Silent Public Speaking: What I Learned When I Learned To Sign (My Experience as a Sign Linguist)".  Bummer!  I could still do it.  I could do it 9 times.  Once would be enough.  The ASL translator did not appreciate how many times I said “spectrometry” in a 1 minute period.  I should have warned her.

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