1. Exactly 2 years ago today I was in Egypt, feeding the camels*. 
    (I worry I watched that corner of the video a little too intently.)

    Half my immediate family is there right now.  In solidarity (or, maybe, really because I was feeling a little better and the band of my sister’s sister-in-law was playing a gig there and I was looking for a surrogate family feeling), yesterday I hung out in the Egyptian exhibit's “contemporary Egyptian living room” which was basically a statistical average of every living room I've ever been in where Arabic was spoken.  It's spot-on homey.

    I had heard another song about the week between in an ad the other day, but it is relatively terrible. 

    (*…not a euphemism.)

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      i LOVE YOU curly!!!!! ol’ saint roderick is pretty ok too.
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      Simply fantastic
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      John Roderick sings about the taint of the holiday season.
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